Strawberry Recording Studios

A celebration of Strawberry Recording Studios, Stockport, 1967 - 1993.

2010 Updates

* Strawberry's 1970s red Helios desk has now been fully retored. See the photos of the work in progress and the finished desk

* Interesting photo of the original 10cc line-up together at Strawberry South. Interesting because this line-up never recorded together at the Studio

* Photo of Godley and Stewart at Strawberry North c.1975

* Photo of Stewart/Gouldman at Strawberry South in 1976

* 10cc photos from mid-70s added to the Gallery section

* Strawberry's 1985 price list is now added to the Gallery section (1980's)

* Added some quotes from Godley and Creme about how they saw Strawberry once they stopped recording there

Article from the July 1992 edition of Vox magazine listing the sites of the Harp Beat rock plaques (inlcuding one for Strawberry) added

New article from Studio Sound 1975 added

2009 Updates

In 1989, Harp Beat produced a Gazetteer providing "the definitive record of Britain's pop geography" and included a small piece on Strawberry

Added an article about Formula Sound, who had not only supplied Strawberry's new mixing desk at the end of the 1970s but who were also initially based in the same building as Strawberry.

Added a quote by Neil Sedaka from 1973 from when he was recording with 10cc in Strawberry

* Added a quote (from a 1972 Melody Maker) about Strawberry by Barclay James Harvest's Melvin Pritchard. "Anyway, what's wrong with Stockport?" Absolutely!

* A 1985 Stockport Messenger article has been added which includes an interview with Richard Scott.

* Added a Melody Maker piece from 1970 about the pre-10cc Hotlegs and how Strawberry was being championed as a challenger to the London-centred recording industry. Great stuff!

* Added an article from the Stockport Messenger (12th February 1988) which refers to the contraction of the Strawberry set-up into one studio

* Also included a quote from musician + academic C P Lee on his experience of Strawberry in the early 1970s

* Added a quotes section to cover snippets about Strawberry. Started off with four nice quotes from Tony Wilson about Strawberry, as published in his 24 Hour Party People book.

* Added an article from the Stockport Messenger (March 28th 1986) from when Yellow 2 took over Strawberry.

* Studio Sound article reporting the sale of Strawberry in 1986 added