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"Stockport has a huge place in my memories and the history of English music wouldn't have been the same if 10cc hadn't created their many hits at Strawberry Studios Stockport.

Peter Tattersall and I had some hairy moments asking the local banks to finance us in what was a very precarious age for lending money on an unknown
business proposition! Thank God they did, and we got Strawberry up and running at Number 3 Waterloo Road.

Thank you so much for remembering us and Strawberry Studios in this wonderful way, and my best regards to all who passed through our doors."

Eric Stewart

Why had those early Factory releases had that magical Hannett sound? The young genius had been able to plug in his digital thingy into the outboard racks of a major world-class thirty-six track studio that was in Stockport - Stockport ladies and gentleman, Stockport, because 10cc were a Manchester band and they had taken the proceeds of the delicious I'm Not In Love and had reinvested in their home. Reinvested. Built a fuck-off studio. Respect."

Tony Wilson

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